7:18 PM

Amazing Friends 5-30-09

Posted by Diane |

I truly have amazing friends in here. They surprised me with their letters they wrote on my behalf. I had tears as I read them. We have been praying hard in here and God is hearing! And God is answering! And God is Blessing! Lisa and Songbird both went home. Nathali is in a lawyers visit right now as we speak. Vicki has a new court date on June 18 to amend her sentence. And we just know that God is going to do a mighty thing that day.

Vicki has been trying to get shipped to another facility for a few months, but she has been turned down every time. She even wrote a letter on behalf of herself and Kim to go to Cottonport. And sure enough, they came and picked up Kim, but left Vicki. Then she had a bed at a rehab center but the Judge turned her down for that. I keep telling her God wants her to be here with me - cause I wouldn't know what to do with out her here. But I think really He has kept her here so that she could get sent home on June 18th. She's got her blessing coming. I'm so proud of her. God has done a good work in her since we got here.

I can remember 5 or 6 months ago when we would sit back in her corner on the floor and make fun of people to make ourselves laugh. Oh, but not anymore. She can't stand to hear anyone talk about anyone else. She will walk right away. Straight to her bed and into her Bible. Vicki also used to have an issue with cussing. Whoa!!! She used to make words up with a cuss word in the middle of it! But God said, "Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly." (2 Timothy 2:16) Vicki wanted to fix her potty mouth - so she put a rubber band around her wrist and every time she cussed she popped herself ---Hard!!! Her arm was all whelped up for a few days. But God took that from her. He renewed her speech. And now she doesn't cuss anymore, but now she pops herself when she even has an evil thought go through her mind. She is finally letting God give her a new heart and a new mind. And she's got a huge blessing coming on they way!! Praise God!!

As for me - my blessing is coming too. It will be here any day now. I fasted last weekend for my PSR to come back. I started on Saturday and I said "God I am fasting breakfast and lunch until I hear something about my case." Monday was Memorial Day - so I knew That Tuesday I would have my PSR back. So Tuesday came. I woke up to the guard calling my name. "Whoa!!" My lawyer is here. I said a quick prayer - Thanking God - jumped out of bed. Only to find out it was not my lawyer. It was a lady from the Census Bureau. She had to ask me some questions. Not exactly what I was hoping for - but I took that as God saying. "Eat, your PSR is not ready yet, but I am moving."

Maybe they are doing some more investigating in my case - trying to get my points a low as possible. That's good enough reason to wait. In church on Wednesday the sermon was, "Wait on God." So I get it! I am just going to wait. "Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." (Psalms 27:14)

PS - Nathali just got back from her attorney visit and she is still waiting on God too. She goes to court June 22nd and we pray that she will get to go home as well.