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Randi: 3rd Fasting

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It's Saturday. My 3rd Fast. I feel great. God is great. I woke up with a great amount of peace today. I came to the table for count and come to find out - I have amazing friends in this place.

Vicki and Lisa said they prayed hard for me last night. And God heard and woke me up with a fresh dose of His Presence.

God has truly blessed me with friends who love me and hold me accountable. I love them so much.

So, my morning started off feeling so loved. I gave my cereal to my table and opened up to Psalms and read a little while everyone ate. Then, of course, they served pizza for lunch!! :(

My girls were very happy to get extra pizza. I sang in the shower during lunch. I love to praise God! It is so refreshing. And I am starting to get a little hungry so I need to feed on the Word some more so I will feel full. It is so amazing how God really fills you up with Him when you fast. Truly amazing.

I believe that God is going to make a move in my life.

He has blessings in store for me and I need to be ready to receive them.

Lord, I fast this day to you. I believe that you will deliver me from every bondage holding me hostage. Break every yoke that binds me. Set me free Lord! Hear me when I call Lord!

I want to hear your still voice say "Here I am." I love you with all of my heart. Give me a clean heart O God. Make me pure so I may enter into your presence. I have faith that you are going to move in my life. Your will be done!

Help me to be obedient in everything that I do. Shine through me so all can see Your light. You are my strength, my refuge and my salvation! Thank you Lord for giving me hope.

In Jesus Holy Name, Amen!


kelli said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well, I miss you(yes, even the singing-haha) and would love to hear from you!! I love the LORD, and your letters continue to help keep me focused. love ya,
kelli howard