6:32 PM

For My Dear Friend Randi

Posted by Diane |

OK! Here we go! What is this called again? Oh Yea! A "Blog". I am writing this to ask for someones help and prayers for my friend. I am not sure where to start with this so I will start from the beginning. Dear God I hope I can get this point across. Here goes! My name is Lisa Andre, I am incarcerated in WBR Prison. All I know is I was on a 10 day trip "with no luggage". Some of you out there know what I mean. Well, it landed me here on January 13, 2009. First couple of days I was just looking around you know checking people out and I saw this precious child named Randi Spearman. All I could think was as precious as she is on the inside as well as the outside how her parents must be proud of their child. Well, speaking for all of us in this facility she got mixed up with the wrong crowd and surrounded herself in wrong situations which lead to the wrong decisions. She has been here for 9 months and has not been sentence or heard anything about her case. Wow! Can you imagine? She has federal charges and has been told that federal cases can take as long as they like. I am very close to her but it took a minute for me to win her heart. There is only a small number of people here that has been with her since the beginning. This precious little girl does not let her case bring her down. Everyday she wears a smile from the time she wakes up until she rests her head at night. She is so strong in the Lord and knows that He has her back. Well, this past week requested prayers of Randi's have been answered and one of her closest friends that has been with her since the beginning will be leaving in the next few days. Upon getting that news she was so happy. I was there when she got this news and her smile was priceless, but in the same moment she thought about losing that friend. Look! I ask everyone out there reading this to put Randi at the top of your prayer list. Her day is coming and she knows it, but as we all know according to Peter 5, Jesus states after you have suffered a while He will re-establish you, strengthen you , and settle you. Well, at times we want that according to our will and not His. I bet everyone can relate to that. This precious girl is truly "One in a million". She deserves the best. You know my husband has always told me "Never get close to anyone in jail". Well, guess what? She has won his heart too. So I ask all of you to pray for Randi that she will receive some news about her case and that she will receive the papers needed to push her case along. But most of all pray for miracles to happen that she will be reunited with her family sooner than she thinks. May God bless each one of you and thank you so much for your prayers. You know that Jesus says in Matthew 18:20 " For where two or three are gathered together in My name I am there in the midst of them. So guess what? I thank Jesus for answering this prayer.