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Life in Jail 4-20-09

Posted by Diane |

Randi and I are sitting at this "Pepto Bismol Pink" table crying... Again!! It's 10:30 pm, time has little meaning in jail, we are sharing a cup of coffee and we were reminiscing and reading a few of the old "Blogs". We had to laugh at the "Blog Chow Time." We have become skilled uh, turkey neck cleaners since those days! Wow, we have been here for a little while now. We laughed at things our family and friends imagine - this place to be like. They have it all wrong!!

On the phone with my mom, I tell her that we have 3 ladies here with fever blisters! Coincidence? No! They are contagious! I don't want one, yuck! I told my mom, "If she had a hard time hearing me on the phone it was because I have a piece of cloth over the receiver." Every one's mouth touches the receiver. Mama said, "Well Vicki ask them for a can of Lysol!" Mama, we cant have aerosol cans or Lysol! No, much too expensive, no name brands here! She goes on to say, "When the janitors come in ask them to spray for Y'all." Uh, mama we are the janitors! We are allowed to use dish liquid, it's pink too, on the floors, table, phones, toilets, sinks and showers.

"Shower Time"

When we were in LPDC for 3 weeks, I called my mom one night. She asked me what I was doing? "Mama, I'm sitting on the floor talking on the phone, looking at Kim in the shower." "Well Vickie that's not very nice, why are you doing that?" "Mama the phones face the showers, I don't have a choice." "Ask Kim to close the shower curtain!" "Shower curtain? We don't have those here mama."

"Coffee Time"

I called my mom to let her know I would need extra money on my books to buy coffee. "Oh Vickie, they don't give y'all coffee?" "No, we have to buy coffee, sugar, and cream if we want it." She asked me how do we "brew" it? "Mama it's instant." "Oh, I thought y'all would have little coffee pots by your beds." "No mama we don't even have electrical sockets!"

Sometimes we forget that people on the "outside" may be curious about how we "live" in jail. I assure you it is not always pleasant, but we tend to make the best of it. For example: 1. We can lay in our bunks all day if we like. 2. Our food is delivered to us 3 times a day, it's never late. 3. They pick our laundry up and bring it back nice and clean, well sometimes our clothes smell like the "mop heads" but a small sacrifice. 4. When was the last time you had a chance to lay in your "bunk" and read all day. We have that chance often. But don't be deceived, this is no place for anyone!!

God Bless you Randi, even though we will be away from each other, we can continue to pray for each other. We will always be friends. You will be loved and missed!