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Pray for Randi from Nathali

Posted by Diane |

I'm writing for my friend Randi. I've been wanting to write to her blog since she has told me about it, but being in here can weigh the heart and mind down like thousands of pounds of water pressure. Sometimes it's really hard to get anything out. Concerning Randi though it's really simple. She is beautiful through and through! On her bad days (if that is what you'd call them and they're few) she smiles and laughs and perseveres. Always keeping her head up. I wouldn't even give it a whole day-not even a half day-only moments (now that I thing about it.) She is incredible. In such a place of hopelessness, she radiates hope. All I have to do on days I don't want to get out of my bunk is look at Randi, usually smiling and doing something constructive, productive, and almost always for the Lord. She gives me incentive to study my Bible and share the knowledge of what the Lord purposes me to do in being obedient (instead of getting depressed and withdrawing.) I love studying, fellowshipping and worshiping with Randi. The Lord has big, big plans for her.
Right now we're all waiting to her something for her. I know that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9) but being the limited creatures we are, we want to cry out in desperation and wonderment. By nature we want answers, but in trusting in Jesus, we have faith. Randi holds true to this every second of everyday. She truly has a heart for God!

Randi has been here almost a year. To know Randi, she does not belong here. Her punishment this long, already seems too severe. I can only hope and pray the judge will find immeasurable favor towards her. I pray he has the mercy of the Lord. James 2:13....mercy triumphs over judgement, and a judge can pretty much do what they want in Louisiana - anywhere for that matter- But when Jesus has the judges heart, rivers of water (decisions, rulings) turn where He wishes. (Prov 21:1)

I know Randi will come out of this soon-but when? That is all we really want right now, is to know something. Please join us in this prayer for her. The Lord is faithful and just. Pray for our patience - Randi seems to have the patience of Job-It's amazing. I know her family needs all the prayers and support too. Let's all come together and show our Mighty God how much she needs this.

May God bless everyone of you!! I love each of you with the love of Christ and am thankful for your commitment to Randi.

In Christ, your sister, Nathali