7:32 PM

Dreams 4-29-09

Posted by Diane |

I had a very weird dream last night. I was leaving somewhere - I walked into a parking lot and I was looking for my truck. I couldn't remember where I parked and I looked all around for my truck. All of the sudden in the air I saw fighting planes soaring across the sky with an
American Flag then more planes were chasing after them shooting at them. Then the other planes (the bad ones) came back towards all the people that were walking in the parking lot and started shooting the people down. I quickly laid down between a curb and a car and tried not to be seen. I remember praying cause I knew I was fixing to die. I asked forgiveness for any sin in my life and for not living the way I should and to please take me home if I was shot. Then I woke up.

I didn't even think of this dream until I just sat down to do my Bible Study and read a story in the book I'm reading "Lord, Make Me Whole." Stormie Omartian tells about when her dad was riding his horse and they fell into a deep hidden crevice. He was stuck in this pit and couldn't get out. He was finally rescued, but his horse's legs were broken and he had to be shot and killed to relieve his pain. Shooting the horse is actually what made me remember my dream, but this dream opened my eyes up to how short our days here on earth are. Anything could happen....we could die suddenly or Jesus could return for us in any moment. And we have to ready for him!

I keep telling my self that God isn't finished using me at this jail...he's still got work to be done here. But if that is the case - then why am I slipping and not as eager to do it? My days could be ended, or even worse someone whom I didn't bring to Christ could miss their chance. I need to get my focus redirected back to Jesus Christ and away from my circumstances. I've got work to do here.
"People get ready,
Jesus is coming,
Soon we'll be going home."