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Where, oh where, have we Been???

Posted by Shauna |

I want to apologize for slacking off on this blog!

One of my goals for 2009 is to stay on top of this website! It is so important to share Randi's story, as well as the story of so many others on this journey!

And we just haven't done it justice over the past 2 months or so.

Randi & I both made it a goal to do better.

So, she has some blog entries coming my way. And I am brainstorming on some topics to talk with you about.

I sent her all of your questions a while back and she has been working on them. So, that should be coming soon.

Randi is doing well. Christmas has come and gone. A number of the women in the dorm with Randi have been released. Her last bunkie, Lisa, has gone home. Please keep her in your prayers daily. I talked with Randi a few days ago and she was a little nervous about who God would send her next. I am telling you, that dorm is a mission field. Prisoners coming that direction have no idea what they are in for with my sister!

So, stay tuned! More is coming. And on a regular basis!! Thanks again for all of your love, prayers and support!


Tony said...

Please send her our love and support. God does amazing things when we open ourselves to him. I wish her all the best.

Amy Fichtner said...

Yes, I agree please let her know we are praying for her!! I am excited to hear some updates form Randi!!