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January 9th, 2009 - Letter from Randi

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God came back! Hallelujah! It just makes me so excited, gives me so much joy when He makes His presence known. The dorm has been on edge...but now there is peace.

God has a way of making everything fall into place for His glory! Tonight we started a new Bible Study/Prayer group. I have been praying that He will help me keep it going - because most of the women that used to do it have gone home.

I read my Bible every day...sometimes all day...but I have had it on my heart to read at the table instead of in my bed. And, sure enough, tonight God brought a new group together!

We read from The Message & He spoke directly to us about all of the chaos that has been going on in the dorm.

I just love the Lord! I love Him so much that I sometimes am at a loss for words! It makes me so excited when I talk to these ladies about what He's doing and my excitement is contagious.

It's so powerful when the Holy Spirit gets me going - cause the ladies really benefit from my joy!

They want to experience it - & I want for them to too - and the only advice I can tell them is to give it all to God! Know that God has brought us together for His purpose - for His plans - for His glory! And when you get your heart set fully on Him - this joy just fills your whole body - your whole spirit!

It's so great! Praise God!

God is Good. God is Here. And He wants us to encourage each other and help each others faith grow - and to know Him better.

He has made His entrance...and He's got a lot of work to do in this dorm. I am so excited to know that He has chosen me to help Him get the work done!

I'm all yours, God.

Randi Spearman, January 2009


Cheryl said...


I'm so glad you're 'back' on the blog. I miss you and worry bout you when we don't hear from you. I Am praying that you will feel God's presence daily, but remember IS there, even when you don't 'feel' like it!

We love you!
Cheryl & the gang