8:05 PM

Change of Plans in Baton Rouge

Posted by Shauna |

Hello All,

I wanted to give you a quick update. Not sure if you watch the news or not - but it snowed on Thursday in Baton Rouge - and when it snows...(once every 10 years)...they shut the town down.

That being said -

Randi didn't have a hearing on Thursday.

Please be praying that they will promptly reschedule her hearing.

My parents will be traveling to visit Randi this coming week. They are all so excited, and I am jealous!

I have been able to talk to Randi every other day or so lately, and I just want to let you know that the Holy Spirit is alive in Randi and in that jail. Every day that I talk to her - she has another story about God moving through the jail and lives that are changing daily! I feel inspired and rejuvenated every time that I talk to her.

Thanks again for your prayers and love sent in Randi's direction.


Life on the farm... said...

I didn't think about that... I saw the news. Another delay, God has a plan don't give up!