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Questions for Randi

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Hello there!

I haven't heard from Randi in a little while. I haven't talked to her in about a month and the letters have slowed down a little. That is bound to happen, I guess. I was thinking yesterday that I bet it is hard for her and the other ladies to think up topics to write about for this website.

I wouldn't be surprised if Satan was planting little seeds of doubt in Randi that her letters don't matter - or the topic is stupid...Things like that. You know he still wants to get to her one way or another!

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of questions for Randi and the other ladies incarcerated at WBCC. You can submit any question or topic...Of course, they have the liberty to answer them or not!

I would also like to hear from you if this website has touched you and how you got here. I want to make sure that Randi is well-aware of how God is using her outside of that prison.

Thanks so much!



Tony said...

Shauna, You know me after building my site. That is how I got here. Randi's site for some reason grabbed me. Whether it be some of my past troubles or what, it grabbed me. She seems from the readings like a genuinely wonderful person I could find myself being friends with. I have been waiting for an update on her situation. I would like to know how she gets along being in prison. she does not match up with the kind of woman that I would associate with prison. She seems to have a lot of class, beauty and substance. I just feel bad that she has found her way into this journey. I care about people. I wish I could help somehow.

Running My Race said...

As one who has been called to reach out to those behind bars, I have been greatly touched and moved by this blog and site. It has been just another way of God showing me that I am moving in the right directions. It is so important for us not to forget them, just because we cannot see or hear them. This blog gives a face and a voice to those who have been forgotten. I have fallen in love with the gated community and am so thankful for being introduced to this blog.....

Cristina Perez-Nole
Daughters of Destiny

Jennifer T. said...

Great idea! I was just thinking about that yesterday!

Yesterday at church, I heard a story about a preacher in prison in China and his job was to work in the sewer part, shoveling human waste. I'm sure no one has a job quite that but, but I'm wondering if Randi and the others have jobs they have to do in the prison.

PS- Hi, Randi! I'm praying for you! -Jenny (Walker) Takala

Sabine said...

Dear Shauna and Randi,

I can't remember how I got here originally, but have had your site in my bloglines since I found it.

I have often wondered how people with chronic pain cope with prison. Even living in comfortable surroundings, cared for by people who love me, it is hard to cope with chronic pain every day.

There are surely women with chronic pain behind bars, sleeping on thin mattresses, perhaps being too cold, not being able to take a hot bath, perhaps not having access to pain medication.

How do women who are not young, strong and healthy cope with the prison environment? I cannot imagine living without my bed and heater and bathtub.

I also wonder about whether they have certain jobs that need to be done, as a previous commenter asked. And what happens if they are not feeling up to it?

There are so many "invisible" illnesses that cannot be "proven" with blood tests or x-rays, like fibromyalgia, chronic fatgue syndrome, endometriosis, chronic regional pain syndrome, dysautonomia, just to name a few. Are the prison staff and the other prisoners compassionate to these women, in general?

I pray for Randi and the other women as they post. My list of people to pray for is just too long to add more, so I only pray after I read the post, unless the Lord brings the person to mind in between posts. I would think that there are others who do the same. So, yes, it is important to post.

I don't need to read only about exciting developments, struggles or progress. I like to read about all the details of daily life - what do you eat, wear, do all day, etc. Nothing is boring to me and each message prompts me to pray.

Kelly B said...

You don't know me, but I pray for you everyday. I have to admit, I was supposed to send you Glimpse of Grace, a true story of a socialite from Dallas that went to Federal Prison...I'm sending it I promise.

My question...do you get any exercise there?

Kari Ann said...

I am one of the Bridgwater girls from camp. Unfortunately I am the oldest and did not have a chance to know either of you girls from Sooner. I found your blog through my sisters. I check every day when I get to work and before I leave in the afternoon to see what is being written about. Randi, your strength and faith are amazing. I am praying for you daily. We love you.

Camille said...

I think part of what makes this interesting to read is realizing that these women are REAL. As in, they are just like the rest of us. It would be nice to hear what interests them. To hear about what they hope for when they are out of prison. What was their life like before. Do they have children? Do they have education? Do they want those things?
Was their path to prison set by many small choices adding together to result in a final larger bad decision OR did they land in jail quickly, the result of a few wrong choices?

Tammie said...

You are in my prayers and I think about what you are going through ALOT and I can't imagine how hard it is. I try and read this blog a few times a week(Ashley showed it to me when she was in town)to keep track of what's new with you. I hope that whatever the future may bring that your faith in God keeps growing and growing. That you find Peace, Serenity and that your time in jail goes by VERY fast. I admire you for your strength. Geez I've known you and your family (thanks to ASH : ) for 9-10 years now? Wow that's a long time! I need to find you a book to send you and a I have a few in mind... take care and I will keep in touch. Shauna i am so glad that you made this website it's a good thing for Randi to have/see and for everyone else as well.