Hello Readers,

My name is Lisa Holliday. I was arrested in 2005 for Counterfeit Money. Greed was my sin. I did time in a federal prison and two years of supervised release. I am waiting to see the judge for another sin - I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I can tell you my life story - but that's not why I am writing. I want to tell you about a little lost soul. That found hope and peace within.

I am incarcerated in West Baton Rouge Correctional Center. Randi is my bunkie. She has been in for a while now. When I arrived I felt lost and scared. Randi welcomed me with open arms and we have become good friends. She listens to my problems and never judges me. She is an amazing person! She just got caught up in her own sin.

She started to teach me about the Bible. We started from the beginning. She told me to put my faith into God's hands. She walked with me like I was a lost child trying to find my way home. Chapter by chapter we studied - making sure I understood what I was reading like it was a history lesson.

I was stressing about life. Where I was going and where I had been. She looked at me with this belief that I have never seen before.

She told me that it was in God's purpose that I was here.
He was with me - trust in him and he will direct me into the right path. She said this with a full heart. She puts everything in her faith. I sit here and look around the dorm in different eyes now. Watching women enter and leave and return with tears in their eyes. Some of them in shame, and others with no remorse at all. Most of the women have hearts of gold. Other are confused and looking for some kind of guidance in their lives. They are blind. I pray for everyone to find what they are looking for and stay strong.

As for me - I pray the lord wont let me forget what I have learned in this jail.

I have done time before and was arrested several times. Never was I interested in the Lord until now.

I know in my heart the Lord was reaching out. I wasn't paying attention.

I'm not sure what it was that got my attention. Was I tired of this life or was it Randi...standing there with her Bible...asking me to study with her. She helped me to learn the Word of the Lord.

Now I know the Lord will carry me through this hard time. I'm asking all of the readers to please pray for the ladies at West Baton Rouge Correction Center that are in a time of truth and desperation. Let the Lord lift them through Jesus Christ.

As for Randi - I would like to say thank you for helping a lost soul find herself.

John 15:11-13
These things I have spoke unto you, that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full. This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love has no man that this - that a man lay down his life for his friends.

{My Lord is ever with me along life's busy way; I trust in him completely day by day....Amen}


Lisa Holliday


Miss Anne said...

God's work is everywhere.


Brandi said...

Touched my heart and my tears, cause they are flowing! God works are wonderful, he will bring you through it all. He is always there!

Lorie said...

bless you Lisa!