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Plans for Change

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I think that the worst part of being locked up is the fact that I was so ready to get right with my life - but I kept making excuses and putting it off for just a little while longer.

At the time I got arrested - I already had plans to leave that lifestyle and get out of Phoenix. I missed my family and I knew I didn't have any kind of future where I was at. So I made the decision to move back to Dallas. I had not officially told Shauna yet - but I packed my whole house up - and even got a storage unit to start moving boxes into so they were out of my way! I had been taking trips to New Orleans every weekend.

The week before I got arrested, I got to join my family in Destin, FL for a week. I hadn't been with my WHOLE family in years. When I left them in Destin - I knew I had to move back to Dallas ASAP. I had already given my 2 weeks notice at work. I planned on working the week after vacation - then leaving for Dallas the following weekend.

Oh, but the devil wasn't going to let me off that easy!

On my way back from Destin - I stopped in Baton Rouge to stay with a friend for a few days. I rented a car - which I left with him because his car was in the shop.

So.....sure enough - he calls to tell me that he wrecked the rental car. So instead of driving all of my stuff to Dallas that weekend - I flew back to New Orleans to take care of the rental car and insurance company.

I didn't even get the opportunity to take care of the rental car because the same night that I flew in - the guy I had come to see had already made other arrangements for me with the police.

So, I came to jail instead. And only now do I realize that God was the one who made these other arrangements for me.

The night before I flew to New Orleans - my best friend's daughter asked me to take her and her grandma to church that Sunday. I think that God was trying to give me one last chance before He had had enough. And, I refused. So, He interceded. I don't think that God likes "No" for an answer. He will have His way - especially when I was soooo close to doing it His way.

And I am so glad He stepped in when He did. Although, I am physically in prison - I have never felt so "FREE" from bondage in my life!

Except for maybe back in my days at church camp. And that's probably why I do sometimes (ok - most of the time) think that I AM at church camp!

Yes, I guess it is being in this one room with all these girls - 24/7. We don't really have a choice to have a closeness to one-another.

So we make the best of it - we pray together - study together - teach each other - learn from one another. We argue with each other - cry together - laugh at each other - laugh at ourselves. We encourage one another, witness hard to everyone. This is what we do.

This is how we get through the day...

the weeks....

and the months....

that we are here together.



Life on the farm... said...

Randi, you are so right! I have not been in your situation. But have been in circumstances where I've realized ok, HE is trying to tell me something here. I still believe God will somehow come in and make things right for you. All he wants is our obedience and faith.