10:06 AM

I just talked to Randi!!!

Posted by Shauna |

I just wanted to share with you guys that I just talked to my sister!

It was soooo nice to hear her voice! 15 minutes is definitely not enough time though! I am going to try and get a local (Louisiana) phone number today so we can talk more often!


Praise God for little blessings like this.


Cheryl said...

I was peeking on here hoping to see just this post! I'm so glad, I'm sure it did you both a world of good!

Marilyn Bowen said...

I am so glad to hear that. I know that 15 minutes will be played over and over. It has been a few days since you have posted. I pray all is will with you, Randi, and others.

Brandi said...

so glad to hear that you got to talk to her, 15 minutes is not long but I am sure it sure meant alot to her!