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Our Purpose

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My name is Shauna (Spearman) Callaghan. In July 2008, my younger sister, Randi Spearman, was incarcerated in Baton Rouge, LA. She is currently being charged with Possession and Distribution of Methamphetamine. She is looking at a Federal Sentence of 5-20 years in Prison.

Within an hour of getting off of the phone with a state employee - informing me of her arrest, I knew that this was a big deal. I also knew that this was her moment. The moment in her life - that would change the rest of it. Through all of my tears and my fear for her, etc - I also knew that she was going to be able to impact the world through this. She had to have a purpose. She needed hope...in a seemingly hopeless situation.

So...we created this website.

Here at Randi's Reality, you will hear from Randi - she is funny, witty, smart - oh yeah, and in jail. Randi and I grew up in the Dallas area. She may not be what you always pictured a drug-dealer to be. She was a cheerleader in high school. We grew up in the Church of Christ (a Bible based Christian church) - she attended summer after summer of church camp. We are part of a loving family - our parents are still married after over 27 years of marriage. I hope this is convicting to you. Drugs can infiltrate the strongest of families - we have to get informed and proactive to fight this. Randi will inspire you and convict you. She is growing every day in her faith and her knowledge base.

You will also have an opportunity to hear from other women that Randi is coming into contact with. I believe that God is purposefully bringing some of the women into contact with Randi so that she can minister to them. I also believe that Randi is learning a lot from these women. And we can learn a lot.

I will admit - that until these past few months - I didn't spend much of my time thinking about the men and women all over the world that are incarcerated (rightfully or not). When I did, the furthest thing from my mind was "mercy" and "grace." It was more of a frame-of-mind of "justice" and "due penitence." I am learning more and more everyday - that I am in no place to determine justice or due penitence. I serve a God that takes care of all of that for me. And He sent His Son to bridge a gap that even I couldn't earn if I did my very best Christian dance every day.

I am inadequate. These incarcerated men and women are inadequate. But we all deserve and need hope!

Randi is living a freedom unlike she ever did outside of that prison. I hope you take this walk with us and keep an open heart. These women are precious gifts from God and I hope that their life stories can impact you like they have me.




Oregon Elkhorns said...


You do not know me, but your sister built my blog site. I felt compelled to let you know how your growth,faith and strength has touched me. I and my family will keep you and your family in our prayers. May God Bless you with all you need. Keep the dancing and the cheers going sister.

Best Wishes,


Amy Fichtner said...

thanks for posting this. I am touched by your sisters testimony and I can't wait to hear what the Lord does through this situation

Soliloquy said...

Shauna -


And I love you. Thanks for your obedience to being the hands and feet that bring GOOD NEWS.

You know I think you're the BEST.

Camille said...

Shauna, this is the best post. I love that you are so open with sharing your testimony of Christ & God's plan. We believe in different religions, but the same Father in Heaven and his son, Jesus Christ.
I never quite know how to word things when it comes to religion. I tend to hold my tongue for fear of not wording things quite right. You do it so well. With much admiration- Camille

Amy Jill said...

Wow. I was just interested in knowing more about you, Shauna, since you designed my blog and all. I am deeply touched by your sister's story. I think we take our freedom for granted. And not just our physical freedom, but more our freedom in Christ. Thank you for the reminder. I will be watching Randi's blog, and praying His richest blessings on her.