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Randi Facts...just for Fun!

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I feel like telling you a little bit about my sister, Randi, today. I have been worrying about her non-stop over the past few days because of Gustav. I thought it would make me feel better to tell you some of the wonderful things about her!

So - here goes:

1. JOBS: Randi's first job was at Putt-Putt golf when she was like 14. They made her a manager also. What 14 year old is a manager at Putt-Putt?! :) She waited tables for years and years - at places like Cotton Patch Cafe, Bennigan's and Chili's. In 2002, she went to Massage Therapy School and is a registered Massage Therapist...maybe not registered right now - but she was. She has worked for an IT company for the past year or so as an Administrative Assistant.

2. EDUCATION: Randi graduated high school in 2000. She didn't want to live in a dorm in college so she was kind of limited on her college choices. She ended up moving out to Abilene where I was going to college - and she attended a community college there. She also had college credits before she ever went off to college. She is actually pretty smart (for making some dumb choices). :) Love you, Randi. She always wanted to study Accounting, I think. Then - like I said before - she did MT school.

3. FOOD: Randi is really picky. She loves ElChico's queso. Salads from Chili's with only lettuce, cheese and ranch. She LOVES Chicken Express...any time she is in Dallas - she would hunt down the closest one and get herself some chicken. I am going to cry. :) OK....I can do this!

4. BOYS: Randi has clearly had terrible judgment in boyfriends over the past 10 years. If anyone has a son, brother or whatever - we will need to work on that in the future. I think we may do background and reference checks from now on.

5. SOCIALLY: Randi is fun! In high school, Randi was a cheerleader. Growing up - she played Soccer & is really musically inclined: she played piano & percussion(for a little while). I want to say she was in the band in Jr. high??!?!? My mom will have to help me out here. We were really involved in our youth group at church. And we spent tons of time as a family growing up. We would go camping a few times a year or to the river together.

6. HUMOR: One of the things that I love the most about Randi is that we have the same sense of humor. So if you think I am weird - you should see and hear us together. We have already had a few conversations on the phone (that are all recorded) - where we had to give a disclaimer that we were just kidding and not really going to bust her out of jail! I mean - I watch a lot of Prison Break but we just aren't really that gutsy! :)

7. BEAUTY: Randi is stunningly beautiful! She has a beautiful face with piercing greenish-yellow-brown eyes (not kidding- they are so light green that they are almost yellow sometimes)...her and I don't really look too much alike - which is weird...my parents say that we are sisters...but sometimes I look at her and look in the mirror and wonder if they are just making that up. JK. I really do just think she is so pretty. Whether she is in her fancy $200 jeans or her prison "scrubs" - that is what I prefer to call them!

8. FAMILY: Randi comes from a great family - especially her older sister, Shauna! :) JK! Anyhow - Our parents have been married for 29 years. Our mom has worked in Education for ever - from teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade - to being a principal - she is currently in administration. You will hear more from my mom in the future - she is brand new to this whole blog thing! She is learning! Anyhow - our dad is wonderful too - he works for a national "snack" company - as the boss! :) Yes - that is how I picture you dad...as the boss. We also have a younger sister, Ashley. She needs to get on here too. She is 21 & has a daughter who is 2. The more that I think about it - we were very close knit as a family unit. We spent a ton of time together & there was a lot of love. And still is. Obviously!

I am sure you are tired of reading this post as it is getting kind of long and wordy...but I want to say this in conclusion:

I was put on the stand a few months ago in Baton Rouge & the prosecutor tried to convince me of how dangerous it would be to take responsibility for my sister and have her living in my house - if released on bond. I just wanted to yell at him and tell him - YOU DON'T KNOW MY SISTER!!!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER! I KNOW HER! Because I do. We know how soft Randi's heart is. And what is instilled deep deep within her. Now - let me say - we are all ok with the fact that she stayed in a little longer - we know that God has to have had a plan with all of it. But we are ready for her to come home for a while before she goes to prison. Please be praying for this. I think that they are going to try to appeal her bond and see what comes of it!

Anyhow - there you go!

If any other families of the women on here are reading and would like to send me one of these for them - that would be great - we would love to hear about your moms, sisters, daughters!


Ashley Coleman said...

I so remember Randi working for Putt Putt, how funny. Shauna you are the best sister in the world. I know you have brought the biggest smile to Randi's face.

Debbie said...

I don't have a sister - can I borrow you? You are a good sister, it was sweet to read those things about Randi.

Cassidy said...

I forgot she worked at Cotton Patch!! I'm almost 10000% sure we worked there together..........

Life on the farm... said...

Don't ever give up!

Jana said...

Oh how I love Randi! I loved reading this and being reminded of what exactly made me love being friends wit her. Praying for you every day Randi!!!

Kelly B said...

A sister's love is unique. As you know I have a sister and she is amazing. We both have different interests but the biggest thing we have in common is love. She will always be my little sister and I would do anything for her as well.
As you know my sister is incredible, two perfect kids, Dean's list, wife, Christian...doesn't get much better. Having a sister is a blessing. Randi continues to be in my prayers daily!

Melanieshea said...

That was sweet! Been thinking of you and your family.
Does Randi have "The Purpose Driven Life"? I didn't see that one on the list?

Brandi said...

I love reading about her, great post!

Lorie said...

I attended a lady's conference once and the speaker was a lady who grew up in a Christian home, married the wrong man and began a Bonnie and Clyde existance- she was caught tried , convicted, sentenced to Tutwiler in Alabama. One day went to the Bible Study and remembered her first love. She began to grow and people saw the transformation-the dependence on the Lord, a little time past, she was praying, people were praying and she stood before us and told us she was released on Pardon and the Governor even said I'm not sure why I am doing this, but everyone who hears the story knows it was an act of God. She has used it for His glory ever since -I am going to try and get this ladies information as an encouragement for you. Remember God can make a way when there seems to be no way.
You are prayed for, by me, many times a day. Countless prayers are lifted . The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much!!!!!
Love you, Lorie

Ness said...

Loved reading this. Laughed about the part about being a picky eater... So true!! I miss our long talks over dinner, especially at Abuelo's. Randi is always in my prayers. I know she will be able to pull through this alright. She is one of the strongest people I know.

Natalie said...

I want to add how considerate Randi has always been! She was wonderful to me in high school and the best gift I ever received was her graduation gift to me.

Throughout our senior year she kept a journal and wrote in it all the time about things we did, boys we liked, fights we had, etc. She gave it to me when we graduated. I cherish that spiral more than anything.