It’s Lauren – May God Bless and Keep You All!! Read – Numbers 6:24-26! It’s been a decent week…. I’ve told my kids all about this site. They laugh and they cry!! Hey Ya'll! That’s a Louisiana thing!

I miss my family – but I must say I count some of these girls as my family… We laugh together – we cry together – We eat, pray, sleep and shower in this dorm daily… Some of us feed off of each other’s positive attitudes and we feel each other’s pain. The girls in here not saved, even stand in awe of the oneness we seem to have. It amazes me daily the impact and destruction meth had on my life and family. I praise God everyday that I am so set free from the pain and bondage of the drug- life. Not so much the use and abuse of drugs, but the entire life-style as short–lived as the nightmare was, it was crazy. I am so much at peace… I can’t explain it. I lost everything… a beautiful home, vehicles, great job, trips to the mall, movies with my kids… FREEDOM!! Yet I am so free on the inside – I laugh every day, I smile every day, I find something good here every day. It carries me – All good things come from God. There’s a day full of good no matter where you are. I sent Bre the poem from the Stormie O’Martin book Randi and I are reading… It is such a blessing to have those encouraging books available to allow us to grow even more spiritually. I’ve got a long way to go to be perfect, but its fun trying to be.
Obedience gets me my blessings. My children are blessed because I pray for them and walk in obedience as much as possible. Although I fall short – I get back on track with God and keep that personal relationship strong. I have to, it sustains me and it’s just enough light to get me through the day I have!

We are on STORM watch! Randi got her some tennis shoes, we have decided to sleep in them before the storm hits – so if the walls fall – we’re ready to check out of this hotel! Shelly is reading Run, Baby, and Run, by Nicky Cruz – how appropriate!

Love, Lauren


Cheryl said...

Am praying for you still... especially that you have power - air conditioning - I can't think of anything worse than LA heat and no air! Had to smile about the running shoes - sounds to me like you might need swim fins for an escape at this point!