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Letter from Lauren #1

Posted by Shauna |

My name is Lauren Smith. I will be 48 on September 2nd. I will spend my third brithday incarcerated. I have federal charges and pled guilty over 3 years ago..I am still sitting in a Parish jail - a federal holding facility - It's God's plan - I didnt plan this in my life - so I know it is Him. No federal inmate has ever been at a holding facility this long...again...it's God - he delays on purpose, for His purpose. I have led a Bible study group here for almost a year. God's plan - I told Him no several times before. He simply sat people in front of me who needed His word. Literally.

I'm not pushy. I am bold in Christ. But I would never push Him on anyone - my little group refreshes and renews itself. I am simply the vessel God uses to get His word into people's lives..

Thank you God for your mercy and grace.

Thank you for being so patient with me.

I tell everyone about KLOVE - so people who would be normally rappin to Gangsta music...praise God with their lips...and they love it. KLOVE is all I listen to. I fall short in some areas every day, but first and foremost, this dorm serves God - there are a few who dont but they watch all of us walk in His blessings. It cant help but rub off on you! God is good. I am an avid reader and in the last 2 weeks, I've read 4 of Nicky Cruz's books. What a testimony...the original Gangsta as he is called has truly inspired me to a deeper relationship with God...Our full gospel Wednesday night service keeps God's Word delivered from Him to us. It is an awesome service. Praise God for them!

I give all the glory to God for every good thing in my life.

I have 3 beautiful children. Lyndsie 32, Hunter 18, & Breanna 12. bre is saved and we share scriptures all the time. Lyndsie & Hunter are trying hard to "get it" and they will...I pray constantly for all the children and families of the inmates. We lift them daily in prayer. We dont worry because we know we're praying.

I have never been in trouble at all...was lking with God...before all of this came into my life. But I turned my back on God. I didnt like His timing. I didnt stay obedient. Things came at me - HARD - in the world and I made some bad decisions. I see my children often behind glass. I have no contact visit because I am a federal inmate. I am not allowed contact visits until I get to a federal prison. My family is good to me. They stand by my side even through all of this. Everyone in my family is not saved. I will cherish the day that I leave these bars, walls and dreary days behind to have "bible study" with my own children. Until then...I will continue to let God use me to reach the children of His that He sends my way. I love God! I love my children and my family...They all love me back and I know it!

Blessed Behind Bars,



Cheryl said...

As Randi's aunt, I hurt so much for her,(and all of you) but am so thankful that God has provided her Him, and are struggling to know Him more. I have been comforted by your letters, encouraged by them and shamed by them - - How much I take for granted, how much I complain to God and then see you ladies living in contentment, and thankfullness... ouch, what an ungrateful child I can be!! As someone else mentioned... We are learning from you all too. Thanks for being so humble and open to share with us!

Know that we are praying for you in Anchorage Alaska!!

Bre said...

My name is Breanna Smith, I am 12 years old, and Lauren Smith is my Mom. I miss her so much. I always tell myself right before I go to bed"I am one tough cookie, and I never crumble". I have crumbled so many times, yet God always has suer clue and glues me back together. I have made some wonderful friends, who helped me so much through this hard time, and they actually encouraged me to get saved. I love God with all my heart, mind, and soul. He is my one true love. Both of my parents are incarcerated, I hope to be able to have a contact visit with my dad soon, he is going to be moved to a federal facility in Pollock,Louisiana, any day now. Growing up without your parents is so tough, and I always look to God for guidence, without God, I would be a pile of cookie crumbs. Even though it is hard to say, I thank God for the storms, because what doesn't kill me, can only make me stronger.
Blessed Beyond Belief
Bre Smith