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Anonymous Letter

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Hello, I am ******

One July 24th, 2008, at 4am, my life changed forever. For many months prior to my arrest I was continually getting signs that I needed to change my ways. 2 car accidents. My house was robbed. Then I had a house fire and had to move. And lastly, my son got arrested.

Still, I did not listen.

God loves me so much that he took the reigns and humbled me and made me stop and listen.

Now I find myself, a nurse of 18 years, 1500 miles away from my home and my loved-ones. Surrounded by the most giving and loving women I have ever met.

It is here that I became saved and am at peace. It is here God has strengthened my armour. Because even though my flesh is in prison, my spirit is more free than it has ever been.

I know now God doesnt want to lose one of His daughters and He put up a fight for me.


I look forward to Bible study, church and reading the Bible. I am still learning - for I am a babe in Christ. **What a compliment to a 39 year old ** :)

In closing, I would like to thank Randi & Shauna for this opportunity. God does make a way - bless them.

Please read Matthew 5:11-12



cj said...

Dear Anonymous, God Bless You and Keep you. May His loving arms embrace you in the darkest of times. Nothing in this life is worth worrying, stealing, hurting or drinking/dopeing over! Eternal life is waiting at the end of this life and only through Jesus Christ can we get there. He paid for our new home in Heaven and He waits for us too never give up.Hugs cj

nancygrayce said...

Dear Anonymous. My son is an addict and has been in jail many times. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I pray his life changes and that he would turn to Jesus!