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Contacting Randi

Posted by Shauna |

Yesterday, I told Randi that she was going to be a pretty popular prisoner. And to expect a lot of letters and cards with encouragement from her brothers & sisters in Christ.

She would love to receive some of the following things:

- Self Help Books
- Devotional Books
- Inspirational Books
- Crossword Puzzles or "Brain Games" to keep her busy
- Magazines

Some Details to keep in mind when mailing things to her:

1. Have your full name and address on the envelope or they will return it.
2. Put her full name on the envelope as well
3. She cannot receive more than 3 pictures in one envelope.
4. No more than 3 books or magazines in a shipment at a time
5. Any books or magazines have to be mailed from a publisher or distributor. You cannot mail books that you have to her, unfortunately. You can go to www.barnesandnoble.com or many others to have stuff sent to her....BOOKS MUST BE PAPERBACK!!!!!
6. She can receive money to put on her "books" (look at my jail talk!) :) The money has to be in money order form with her name on it. She has the ability to buy things like soap, shampoo, snacks, t-shirts, underwear and more of the things that I just count as essential. I guess that they really aren't. So it is nice for her to have these things.

7. She cannot receive anything in the mail other than letters, cards, books, magazines. We cannot send any other stuff. Like snacks, etc. Wanted to make sure and mention that.

I am trying to remember if there is any other information for me to provide you with.

If you want to send her something but don't want your address on the envelope - email me and we can talk about that. I would be happy to let you use my mailing address.

So - here is her Contact info:

Randi Spearman
West Baton Rouge Correctional Center
P. O. Box 620
Port Allen, LA 70767

There is no ID assigned to her.

Thanks for your love and support to Randi! Cheryl or I will be publishing a list of books that have been sent to her in the sidebar here. Please leave a comment or email me at ksmccallaghan at hotmail dot com if you send her something. So - I can add it to the list. This will keep us for sending her a bunch of the same thing!




Melissa said...

I am so sorry for the pain that your family is going through right now and am definitely keeping Randi in my prayers.

Suzanne said...

I'm already thinking up a little package for her!

Phil said...

Hi Shauna, This blog is a great idea and I'm glad that you and the rest of the family is so supportive. I have a picture or two of Randi at work in the office and would like to share them with you. Let me know where to email them and I'll be happy to send them on to you. We miss Randi at the office and will continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Marilyn Bowen said...

I have come across Randi's blog and as you have already stated...not by coincidence. I will keep Randi in my prayers. God is a BIG God and my first prayer for her will be to "Be Still and Know He (that I am) is GOD!"

I am also going to add this link to my blog.

Shauna said...


I would love those pictures! You can email them to me. My email is ksmccallaghan at hotmail dot com


Sarah B. said...

I don't even know how I ran across this blog.....blog surfing while watching the Olympics and I found this site. I have a book called "Confessions of a Good Christian Girl....The Secrets Women Keep and the Grace that Saves Them."....I would love to somehow get her a copy. Right now I feel like I am on this mission....we always hear the testimonies where people don't know God and he comes in and saves them and all is good when in reality there are several of us that have known God and turned our back on him and just need an opportunity to open our hearts back up to him and sometimes it takes something difficult like this. Your family is in my prayers and I will see if Barnes and Nobles has this book to send to her.

Drama Mama said...

You are a great sister for doing this for her and being so supportive-
I will keep checking the blog to see how she is doing-

Kelly B said...

I am sending Randi a book called "Glimpse of Grace" by Mary Forsythe who was a prominent Pharmacist in Highland Park and spent time in federal prison. I think Randi will like it. I loved it and it change my life a little more just reading it. Randi and your family are in my prayers permanently.

Debra Fischer said...

Your entire family is in our prayers. We have been there and know the anxiety and heartache. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Randi, we love you.
Barry and Debra

Staci said...

Shauna, Randi, and family...we're praying for you!

Life on the farm... said...

Lifting up your sister in my prayers... I found your blog from MemeLorie!

jamie said...

shauna, my heart is breaking for your family, and especially randi. this is hitting way too close to home, as we've been going through something VERY similar in my family. of course i'll be praying for your whole family. and if you need to vent to someone who's been in a similar situation as you are, i'm always here! these situations really stink, but i can tell that you & randi already see how this is going to work to the Glory of God.

Debbie said...

Shauna,I just send you an e-mail. Wanted you to be looking for it.

Martha said...

Hi Shauna, I can't find the list of books that Randi already has. I have two I want to send her. "Shattered Dreams" and "When I Lay My Isaac Down". xoxo Kathy D.