7:16 PM

July 8, 2009

Posted by Diane |

Hey Everybody. Sorry I haven't been writing much lately. My life is very boring. Everyday is the same routine with the same people. As a matter of fact right now I am sitting outside watching these ants. I never noticed that when they walk in a straight line, there are some ants coming and some going. And each ant runs into each ant along the way. It almost looks as if they are stopping to greet each other, but I don't think that's it. They are making sure they don't get lost. Ants are so smart. That's amazing! God's Amazing!!

I tried to stretch my legs out in front of me - but I got in their path and the ants got real confused... First they tried to go around my legs, but then they started to climb on my pants so I moved and let them continue their work. Only in jail would I get so excited over watching ants at work. I can see it now...."What did you do for the 4th of July?" "Oh...just sat outside with a family of ants."

I have a birthday coming up. A month from today I will be 27. My second birthday in jail. I never imagined spending my late 20's in jail. But I keep reminding myself that sometimes we don't have a say in God's Plan for our lives. So I am Okay. I would love to be home to celebrate but we will have a party right here as well.

Keep me in your prayers the next few weeks. Things are happening. I should have more to write about after the first of the month.