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Pray for Released Prisoners - 3/31/09

Posted by Diane |

I just want to ask all of you "prayer warriors" to lift up an extra prayer today for inmates that get released. Pray that they don't leave God inside these bars; that their faith stands firm, and that they don't even give Satan a foothold to gain back control of their lives.

So many women have come in and out of this prison, and I have grown close to a lot of them. Some stay for 90 days, some for a quick detox until somebody bonds them out and some have been here as long as me. But whatever the case may be most of them know God and while they are here they get fed the word. But just like the parable of the different kinds of soil the seed falls on - each person's choices are different.

I pray for the released prisoners everyday. Sometimes I even pray God will bring them back to jail, because I would rather them be in jail, then out on the streets doing drugs. So please say a prayer for all prisoners that have been released!!
And we can stand on the Word of God that He will finish the good work He began in them!
Philippians 1:6


Kim said...

I am always touched by your well thought out words and concern for your fellow friends. Know that I will continue to pray for you, the ladies incarcerated, and the women released.

Randi, you certainly have a unique journey... but we all have our stories, we all mess up... just part of being human, and we all lose our way from time to time. But the grace, teaching, and loving you are doing in the name of God is amazing!

At Bible study, I heard someone make a comparison to God and a GPS device in cars. God tells us when we are off route, then he recalculates that route... that route might not be the fastest or easiest, but as children of God, we are promised where the destination is. Continue to be blessed and be a blessing.

In His love and glory,
Kim B.