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Natalie (new to the dorm) 3/14/2009

Posted by Shauna |

God is so awesome! He knows just what we need and He gives it to us at just the right time. I want to introduce you to Natalie. I know that God brought her to W. Baton Rouge just for me! (And for others too!) but I take everything personal with God & we had been praying for someone to come along to encourage me and lift me up. And she is most definitely doing that. Here is how we met:

Thursday night I started reading in Hosea. Not sure why but I was led there by the Holy Spirit. Then Friday morning she was sitting at the table reading her Bible & I sat down with her and asked what she was studying.

She said, "I'm doing a study in Hosea."
I said, "Whoa!!"

So we sat and shared stories. I told her, "You're going to think I'm a little weird - but there have been a lot of people praying for you to come here." She didn't think it was weird at all. As a matter of fact, she said she had been praying to come here. She just knew there was something here for her. (Natalie was at East Baton Rouge jail prior to this)

Natalie is very anointed; very humble yet very bold! She has a great understanding of the Bible. Together - we are going to make a huge impact on this dorm. We have started doing Bible Study in the mornings - and pray together before bed. And throughout the day - we have prayed with others and done one-on-one studies.

She has a book on fasting - which I have had on my heart to do but I didn't know exactly how. So now I am reading about fasting and getting myself prepared for my first fast.

"So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing."
1 Thessalonians 5:11