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Fasting Again

Posted by Diane |

March 25, 2009

It's Thursday morning I am fasting again today. I was praying about it on Thursday asking God if this was what He wanted me to do and in the middle of praying I had a vision of me and Vicki drinking coffee and I was like, "What's this about?" Why am I thinking about coffee? I am praying! And I really don't think the devil would have tried to distract me with something a petty as coffee. So I determined God was telling me to fast coffee. This is kinda a big deal - maybe even more than hot dog day last week. You see - coffee and water is ALL we have to drink in here and I have become addicted to it. I drink 5 or 6 cups a day - at least!!

First thing I do when I wake up is make my coffee...then come to the table and do my personal Bible Study. But God says, "I am a jealous God and will not tolerate your affection for any other gods." Exodus 20:5 And not that I worship coffee or even consider it a "god" in my life; but I do have an addictive personality and I am addicted to coffee. I wake up wanting it and I indulge myself in it all day. God wants me to know that I am not addicted to it and I have been delivered from my addictive personality. He is building me into a new life and any kind of addiction has no place in my life anymore.

Thank you Jesus for removing every addiction, lust and desire from my heart! And each day He fills me up with His desires. It's so amazing the change He is making in me!! For example - I use to want to get out and go shopping (another one of my addictions), but now I can't wait to get out and sing in church! I use to pray that God would make the day go by faster, but now I pray that God brings someone in my path for me to witness to everyday. I use to ask God to remove everything from my life that isn't from Him, but now I am asking Him to bring people into my life that are from Him.

My prayers are not so much "Fix me - Fix me", they have turned into "Use me - Use me Lord." And I am in a good place to be used!!!


kelli said...

I love the Lord!! He is constantly giving us blessings, waiting for us to recognize them and give him praise!! Praise God!! I miss you randi! Love in Christ,

Kelli(A-18) haha