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Phone Call Yesterday

Posted by Shauna |

My phone rang yesterday afternoon around 1:30pm. It was an out of state phone number (which I typically ignore and let go to voicemail)...but I decided to answer my phone. The woman on the other end of the phone says, "Hi Shauna, this is Kelly..."

I am at a loss...I know a few Kelly's...

Then she says, "I wanted to see how Randi is doing..."

And, at that moment, I know which Kelly it is - It is Kelly KELLY - Formerly known as Anonymous. Kelly, who spent a few months of her life living in a large room with my little sister. Kelly, who is out of jail now and trying to get on her feet! We talked some about how Randi was doing and how she is doing now that she is out of jail. But the conversation quickly turned to her faith. She has a tougher road staying strong in the faith now that she is home than she did in WBRP. I was thrilled to offer up some reassurance and excitement about her walk!

I feel blessed to know that I can be a voice of hope outside of that jail. Kelly is living in Indiana right now - in South Bend to be exact - she is looking for a church in the area that will love her despite her past & encourage her in her faith...and really be a family to her there! Please be praying for her and the right church to be clear in her path. Also, if you have connections in that area and know a good place to send her - please let me know and I will call her.

It is amazing to see Randi's time in jail having an eternal impact!!!


Cheri-Beri said...

Isn't it wonderful when God gives us little "post cards" along the way??

I was listening to a Nichole Nordemon song that said, "Even if you never grand us peace, we are still unbelievably blessed." Even though He didn't have to, He let Kelly call you to be an encouragement to you.

He is amazing.