9:17 PM

Bored in the Dorm - January 2009

Posted by Shauna |

Ahhhh...it's peaceful in the dorm this morning. Thank You God! I prayed hard for peace this morning. I needed this.

They finally let the women go to work....kind of. In the hallway - cleaning mustard greens. Of course, I don't get to go because Federal inmates don't get to work. We just get to sit. I am okay with this because it is completely quiet in the dorm. I love this!

There hasn't been much peace around here lately. Everyone has been cutting up. We are just so bored that we are trying to get into trouble.

We are making Frisbees out of paper plates that we are not allowed to have. Having water gun fights with empty glue bottles. Throwing food across the table while someone else tries to catch it with their mouth. Doing cartwheels around the dorm. And the newest thing is having "paint gun" fights with spoons, Fireballs, & inmates running very fast!

I am sooo through with this place though. We are turning into a bunch of kids in here.



Debbie said...

That may be a good thing.... I would love to have the heart of a child.