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Please Pray

Posted by Shauna |

Hello Everyone,

I actually have a few posts from Randi & the ladies - and will get to that tonight and tomorrow! But I wanted to solicit your prayer this week.

My parents will be traveling from FL to Dallas to visit for the holidays. The jail does not offer weekend visits but that is when my parents will be traveling through Baton Rouge. Randi hasn't seen any family since we were there when she was first indicted. That makes me cry just thinking about it. Anyhow - I think that it would be so good for to see my parents. And good for us too.

My mom tried contacting the jail to get special permission, and from what I understand, that didn't work. So, Randi has written a letter to someone asking for special arrangements to be made.

Thanks again for all of your love and support!



Amy Fichtner said...

I will be praying that Randi can have this special visit.

Mimi said...

I'm praying for your family to have this opportunity.


Tony said...

Randi, is always in our thougths and prayers. I truly hope the prison does the right thing and allows this visit. We will pray a bit harder.

God Bless

Cheryl said...

I was wondering if they'd be able to see her over the holiday... I'll keep praying!

Running My Race said...

You are not alone my friend, I am praying for God to do what the system deems impossible. I pray for favor over you and your parents. Know you are loved and cared for, your arms are being held up by those you cannot see.