11:55 AM

Randi's Phone Card

Posted by Shauna |

Well, I realized what I need to do for Randi's Phone card today! They will not allow just anyone to add money to the account. They have to have your credit card on file with the Account Number in order to do that.

I called and got mine on the account so I am able to do that now.

If you would like to help with this specifically, you can just get in touch with me and Paypal money to my account for this purpose. Thanks to those of you who want to help with this. I really have not talked to Randi in about 6 weeks now and I am ready to talk to her!

Writing letters is nice but can be so frustrating in a day where we communicate through cell phones and email on a right now basis!

I have a letter from Randi that I will post right after this one. She also has a few other women that are interested in contributing to the blog so you will be hearing from some new ladies over the next few days.