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Hello Free World!

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We were supposed to start our yoga class yesterday...but a power surge caused the electricity to flash and the AC never came back on - boy did we complain! We began to smell like Trolls. Why couldnt they simply reset it? We dont know!

It flashed before lunch 11:30 or so...at 5:30pm as we were served BEANS :(....No Air. I was afraid!!
Finally, around 7pm, it began to cool off. The evening shift had finally complained to the right person...you never know who is going to save the day.

Randi is hilarious! She does spontaneous cheers...most people in here are local people from the area...they know each other - and keep coming to the "town jail"! LIke Otis in Mayberry RFD, they dont get a lot of time - I've been here 3 years waiting on the Feds, so if there's any respect in a place like this - I got a little just because I'm not completely crazy yet! I dont cheer like Randi does! But I have "out-bursts"!

We laugh loud and continue to cheer and have out-bursts - the local people here have to laugh too - they try not too but we're just too funny!

You never know who is very sad and depressed...cheer them up! It is not worth being sad! Depressed or moping around! The Bible says God chastens those He loves - like any father would...I am taking my correction like a champ! I know I'll be better when I get out of here than I ever was!

I'm sending a shout-out to my step-dad and sister. My mom. My beautiful kids! Keep them cards and letters coming!

Thanks for the "extra" money for my birthday! I have prison tennis shoes - my 3rd new pair!

Moral of the story: Be nice to everyone - especially your family! Make people laugh when you feel like crying too and above all things...

TAKE your correction. Learn from your mistakes!

Be Blessed!



Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing with us... I am some time filled with guilt because here I am - living a free life and forget to laugh, and 'give a cheer' for all that God has given me! It is amazing how much I take for granted and forget to thank him for!

Much wisdom in your words "take your correction" and that is something we ALL can learn from!!

Thanks for sharing with us!