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I just finished talking to Diane (Randi’s mom) and have some details (not a lot, but some) of upcoming dates and things we need to be praying for.

Randi’s trial is set for October 16th. Please be praying for the Judge (or Jury?). That he/they would govern with God’s wisdom, not man’s. At this point the legal system is in what they call ‘discovery.’ If I understand that correctly, it means the prosecution has until about September 9th to ‘discover’ the charges and evidence against her. Shortly after that, there will be another hearing where they give all the formal charges/information so that the defense can develop their case for Randi. Please pray for her lawyer, that he acts whole heartedly in her defense and that the prosecution sticks to the facts.

As Randi’s family, we would LOVE to have her out of there immediately, but above that desire, is the desire for Randi to be healed completely of her addiction and to continue to grow in her relationship with God so that she never looks back once she has her freedom. Because of this I am asking that you pray for wisdom, and God’s will and not just for a light sentence (Sorry Randi! - we love you way to much for that!) My prayer is very specific - “That Randi will be incarcerated for as long as God needs her to be, not one day more and not one day less.” (And some times I add ‘and please let that be soon!’)

I have been amazed by the love and support that has been shown for Randi and the other women by those who come by this blog. I know that my life has been changed by this, my compassion (or lack there of) has been challenged daily as I read their letters.
Last week when I was thinking about Randi I thought of Phillipians 1:6
“ being confident of this, that HE who began a good work in you will carry
it on to completion…”
It brought such comfort to know that not only is he doing this for Randi, Lauren, Carolyn, Shelley, etc… but also for me, for Shauna… for you… That He can take what seems to be the worst of situations, something that was intended by Satan to bring destruction and evil and make it into something good… (Genesis 50:20) This is indeed what is happening as Randi’s story unfolds! We serve and Amazing God!

Shout for joy, O heavens;
Rejoice, O earth;
Burst into song, O mountains!

For the Lord comforts his people
And will have compassion on his afflicted ones.

Isaiah 49:13


Debbie said...

I pray for Randi and your family daily, I will keep you on my prayer list. God Bless!

Brandi said...

The "issues" are on my heart and mind, I will pray for them all