There's one thing I have learned in life - it doesn't matter if you are in jail or out... We have to turn out lives around turning it over to God to help us live right.

I've been down the wrong path and wasn't living right for God, and yes, even went to jail because of my wrongdoing. I would ask myself why and I truly knew in my heart it wasn't God's doing this to me because it was my own fault when God was telling me not to go that way. I didn't listen to Him or let Him help me.

Now, I am in jail and turning to God for His help. Now, this time, I'm going to stay with God in my life - and on the right path with him.

I'm giving God all the glory and thanks now for saving me and giving me another chance in life with Him.

Thank you, God for the one thing I've learned in life that you have shown me...and now how to live it right.