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Judy Kelley

Posted by Shauna |

My name is Judy Kelley & I am an inmate at West Baton Rouge Detention Center. I was arrested September 2007 & sentenced to 7 years on October 2007. I am blessed with 10 sisters and 4 brothers, and I have 3 children & 7 grandchildren.

I know that God has sent me here to teach me His Word. When I first came here, I was angry and now I am filled with joy. When I was a child, I was always sad and by myself. When people would visit us, they would say, "where is the little girl with the frown on her face?" I would either be in a corner or under the house pouting.

Oh - if they could see me now!

I'm not saying that I don't have my bad days - because I do - but I try not to let that stop me from smiling at least once or sharing something that I have learned.

My mama used to take us to church on Sundays and curse on the way home. I have never heard her tell me once that she loved me or even given me a hug, but I know she did.

I would have done anything for that when I was growing up and that's why - every time I see or talk to my children, or sisters, or brothers, I tell them.

I never realized how many blessing God has given to me until I came to jail - and I thank Him for opening my eyes to all the things He has blessed me with. I may not have a car, job, house or any money but I have the most valuable thing of all - God's love.

Sometimes it is hard to follow every step with so much strife - but we never give up. We have a little Bible Study every morning & try to share what we learn with each other and encourage each other every day.

There's about 24 of us in this one dorm 24/7 and only a handful that study - but we pray for the rest every time we pray. We know that's all we can do and maybe by the grace of God, they will get their lives together.

We used to watch Kenneth Copeland & Jessie Duplantis on Sunday mornings but we are not tall enough to reach the TV and the person that used to turn it on was released. We are not giving up though!

I am praying and believing that I will be released soon and blessed with all the things that I need to share God's Word with the world. Car, house, finances & health that I need.

Let me tel you about one other blessing that I got while I was here. The doctors said that I had crippling arthritis in my thumbs and knees, but we prayed for healing in church and rebuke3d it in the Name of Jesus, and I was healed!

I still have a little trouble with my knees, but that's only because we don't get any exercise in here.

But, by the Grace of God, I know that He will heal me completely - Thank you Jesus!

Judy Kelley